Social enterprise is helping to make care and treatment reviews better

A social enterprise company has been working with people across the north west of England to find out about their experience of Care and Treatment Reviews (CTRs).

Pathways Community Interest Company, surveyed more than 750 experts by experience and clinicians about the CTRs they have taken part in and have been using what they found out to write a report which will be used to make CTRs better in the future.

The survey results showed that people who are involved in CTRs should make sure that:

  • the family and people who support the person having a CTR, should know about and be encouraged to be part of the review
  • any recommendations from previous CTRs are available at follow up CTRs
  • all essential information is given to the panel
  • clinical staff are involved in the reviews
  • there is an appropriate room and other facilities
  • reception and other staff know that a CTR is due to take place

Pathways has trained and supported people with a learning disability, autism or both as well as family carers to be experts by experience, and are able to speak up for the person who is having their care and treatment reviewed.

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