Enabling change

The vanguard care models receive support in seven key areas:

Care Model Design

We have developed overarching frameworks for Multispeciality Community Providers, Primary and Acute Care Systems and Enhancing Health in Care Homes vanguards.

These frameworks have incorporated key components that will add the greatest impact and value for patients in developing population-based models.

We provide support to vanguards to accountable care systems and Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships in the key areas of:

  • population health analytics
  • information governance and data sharing
  • reducing health inequalities

To support vanguards in population health analytics, we have developed a Population Health Analytics Network and a sister network for Information Governance and Data Sharing to share experiences and challenges and work together to develop solutions.

We support new care models to understand the needs of their population; and the capacity and capability needed to develop a population management system by analysing the quality, equity and efficiency of the care that they are currently providing. We also help them to identify opportunities for improvement in health outcomes and reduction of health inequalities.

Harnessing technology

We support vanguards to plan, implement and operate digital technologies within their care models. We do this primarily by sharing existing knowledge and learning, as well as through direct support aimed at solving commonly experienced problems.

Our Technology Model is a collection of resources and tools that can help NHS and care organisations to identify their technology requirements – and helps with gap analysis and project planning. It’s also a guide to possible integration with interoperability projects.

New care models: harnessing technology explores how digital solutions, implemented by vanguards, are helping health and care to respond to the needs of patients, rising demand for services, constraints on funding and many workforce challenges.

For more information contact Eleanor.saddler@nhs.net.


Learning and evaluation is central to the new care models programme. We need to test new care and business models, learn from these and spread the learning and models to other parts of the NHS. NHS England’s Operation Research and Evaluation Unit lead on this.

We help vanguards to implement well-designed care models, based on sound logic and evidence.

We support rapid learning through feedback and the sharing of learning and emerging evidence.

We identify the impacts on health and care outcomes, efficiency, and wider effects of each vanguard.

We analyse the key interventions that each vanguard has introduced, how these were designed and implemented, and how these contributed to outcomes and impacts – and identify the key ingredients of success for each of the five care models.

We have worked closely with other partners, including the Health Foundation, the National Institute of Health Research and the Independent Analytics Unit, who did this work on the Principia vanguard.

Read the national evaluation strategy for new care model vanguards

Workforce redesign

We are working to address common challenges in creating a modern, flexible workforce that is organised around local population needs. Our four key aims are:

  • improving the health of populations
  • improving the individual care experience
  • reducing the per capita cost of care
  • improving the experience of providing care

We have a range of workforce modelling tools, stories and case studies to support your local planning – resources that have been developed by working with vanguards, new care models and our other partners including Health Education England (HEE), the Royal Colleges, regulatory bodies, NHS Employers and trade unions.

This includes work with Public Health England to help vanguards build a workforce based on population health needs, focusing on prevention and early intervention.


We have supported our local delivery partners in different ways during the programme.

Initially, we adopted an organisation development approach to the challenges of forming a new model of care, facilitating workshops with our partners and stakeholders to identify a shared vision.

We have managed overseas study tours to learn from international best practice in delivering integrated primary care including: Alzira (Spain), Jonkoping (Sweden), Buurtzorg (The Netherlands), Gesundes Kinzigtal (Germany), Nuka and New York (USA).

Further learning and development support has focused on communities of practice for new care models to share experiences and work collaboratively on solutions.

Vanguards have also been visited by former Institute for Health Improvement CEO Don Berwick who has challenged them to realise their ambitions. He has released blogs and videos summarising his learnings.

We are now collating the learning and experience from the new care model vanguards. Care model communities of practice are still developing and will be sustained beyond the programme.

We also provide a signposting service to the national resources available to support leadership development, be it personal or collective. This bridges our programme with providers such as the Health Education England, NHS Leadership Academy, NHS Improvement Advancing Change and Transformation Academy, Advancing Quality Alliance, and the NHS Leadership Centre.

Communications and engagement

We ensure that the vision of vanguards is clearly promoted to patients, local communities, the wider public, and health and care colleagues across the system.

We demonstrate how new care models are evolving and the impact they are having to bring about meaningful change and benefits to patients.

We manage events, providing platforms for vanguards and our programme teams, to share learning and inspire others to introduce innovations that will underpin sustainability and transformation across the system.

We ensure there is a continuous stream of news that keeps vanguards abreast of all developments, guidance and progress through traditional and digital publications, video, web and social media.

We have established a network of communication leads across all vanguards and work together to identify national, regional and local communication opportunities to engage professionals and communities across England.

Further information

For more information about the new care models programme, email england.newcaremodels@nhs.net. You can also subscribe to our monthly newsletter or join the conversation on Twitter by following: @NHSEngland or by using the hashtag: #futureNHS.