Top tips for success


There cannot be too much communication. All staff need to know about the new email, as well as residents, their relatives, local GPs, pharmacies, and other organisations you work with. Communication is important right from the start. Talk to other care homes that have already got NHSmail for tips or help. Remember to change email addresses on your web site, leaflets, letter-headings, and email signatures.


Plans need to include what needs to happen when and who will be responsible. There also needs a to be a ‘business as usual plan’ which includes regular checks that everything is working.


Check that your organisation doesn’t already have DSPT accreditation or a secure email service. Look at the websites listed in this guide and download the tools that can help.


Allow plenty of time to complete the DSPT, fill out the NHSmail request, set up accounts and train staff.

Inbox management

Make sure two or more people are responsible for checking the shared inbox and dealing with message throughout the day including during holidays and other times when staff may be absent.


Make sure staff are trained and know who to go to for help if they need it.

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