Our clinical entrepreneurs

Sola Adeleke

Sola Adeleke is the Founder of Aurora Medical Innovations, the start-up company devoted to making clinical trial match and enrolment more interactive for clinicians and patients and to increase the match success of patients to suitable trials. He aims to cut time to approval of a new drug by between 30-50% and also save costs in the process. He thought of this idea when he was working at a Phase 1 Clinical Research Facility at the UCL and saw how it was sometimes difficult for patients to enrol on a suitably matched clinical trial. This project would be powered by machine learning algorithms and powerful match algorithms similar to ones used by dating sites. Sola has a long history of entrepreneurship –  was shortlisted and made it to the 2nd stage of screening and pre-filming of the BBC ‘The Apprentice’ in 2010!

Faheem AhmedFaheem Ahmed

Faheem Ahmed is a foundation doctor and the youngest appointed Clinical Entrepreneur Fellow following completion of his undergraduate training at Guy’s, King’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals. He co-founded HealthMakeSpace (HMS), a digital collaboration platform connecting SMEs with clinicians to co-create more useful and scalable medtech. Faheem is collaborating with national bodies to develop an accreditation system recognising and rewarding doctors’ innovation efforts through HMS. He has a Masters in Public Health from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and has been awarded fellowships by Oxford, Stanford and Harvard Universities. He is also the appointed UK open school lead at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and permanent council member of the G4 Alliance for Global Surgery, Obstetric, Trauma and Anaesthesia.

Beenish AkhtarBeenish Akhtar

Beenish Akhtar is a paediatric trainee working within the West Midlands with a drive to boost breastfeeding rates and therefore improve child health. There are many challenges facing mothers and armed with personal experience! I will focus my project towards tackling the barriers to public feeding and support.

Matthew Beddoe and Surina Chibber

Matthew and Surina are co-founders of  www.MyLocumManager.com, a financial toolkit designed to streamline and automate the heavy administration burden of locum work for both GPs and for the NHS.  Both are passionate about using technology and innovation to improve efficiency and save money within the NHS..

Faraaz Bhatti

Faraaz Bhatti is a Specialty Registrar in Emergency Medicine and a Clinical Entrepreneur based in the northern half of England. He is committed to positive change and adaptation in healthcare in a world where tech is advancing at a rapid pace. He believes passionately in innovation and sees how vital it is that acute care and the emergency services keep up – for the NHS, its staff and most importantly for our patients.

Thomas Bloomfield

Thomas Bloomfield joined the programme after completing his Foundation training to further develop the medical photography mobile application, Pigeon Post. Pigeon Post enables healthcare professionals to take consented photos and securely share them on their smartphones thus improving patient care, while saving the NHS time and money.

Chris Evans

Chris Evans is an anaesthetic trainee, NHS England Clinical Entrepreneur and Bloomsbury Innovation Group clinical fellow. He is doing a PhD at University College London assessing the impact of health technology and innovation on children’s anxiety before an operation. Through virtual/augmented reality and immersive medical devices he is enhancing children’s hospital experiences and improving surgical outcomes.

Sarah Fissler

Sarah Fissler is a Paediatric Registrar at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital who is undertaking Paediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM) Grid training. She is working on a series of Patient and Parent Information Videos to be used within the Children’s Services to provide information to families and improve patient experience. She has also been working with colleagues, IBM and the Hartree facility in using Digital Interface Technology within the hospital to provide a interactive ‘Living Hospital’ environment.

Maulik Gandhi

Maulik J Gandhi (Mal) has completed his training in Trauma & Orthopaedics (subspecialty shoulder and elbow). He has diverse interests which has enabled him to connect with clinical and non-clinical parties. He received the BOA International Travelling Fellowship to South Korea (July – Aug 2017). He used this fellowship uniquely as a mix of clinical experience and innovation.

Mal is passionate about improving teaching methods and the use of simulation. He is part of the British Orthopaedic Association simulation working group. He has assembled an international team to develop an arthroscopic simulation curriculum that spans the UK, India, Brazil and South Korea, and this is drawing commercial interest.

Always believing things can be done better, he has developed instrument prototypes which may feature in an operation near you soon! He has managed to gain the support of doctors with his novel ideas that stretch beyond orthopaedics.

Wikum Jayatunga

Wikum Jayatunga is a Public Health Registrar in the London Kent, Surrey and Sussex Deanery, currently completing a MSc in Public Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. He completed his foundation training in the Oxford Deanery after medical school at Imperial College, where he also completed an intercalated BSc in Management. His innovation ‘HealthSketch’ is designed to make health information more engaging for patients using digital animation and social media.

Abeyna JonesAbeyna Jones

Abeyna Jones is a London based Occupational Medicine Registrar and Founder of Medic Footprints – the largest organisation for medical professionals exploring alternative careers and wellbeing. Medic Footprints has become a popular and established brand amongst the medical community by taking a non-prescriptive approach in supporting those considering non-conventional career paths. Abeyna was celebrated as a finalist in the Black British Business Awards 2016.

Rahil Kassamali

Rahil Kassamali is a specialist registrar in Diagnostic and Interventional radiology. To date he has published in excess of 25 articles and has presented his work internationally. In 2012 he was invited to give the key note talk at TEDxBrum talking on the topic of “the next revolution of medicine”, and in 2015 he awarded Asian Professional of the Year in the category of medicine.  Under the mentorship of the NHS England Clinical Entrepreneur Programme his goal is to revolutionise the delivery of high quality medical imaging reports. His current special interests relate to teleradiology.

Chris Kelly

Christopher Kelly is a paediatrics trainee in London, currently doing a neurosciences PhD at King’s College London and the Evelina Children’s Hospital. He is working on an app called NeoMate, which helps doctors and nurses looking after sick newborn babies, providing drug and infusion calculations, checklists and concise reference information.

Muhammad Khan

Muhammad Khan is a Foundation Year 2 doctor based in the North West.  Muhammad is passionate about empowering children’s health and recently co-founded an award winning initiative known as Our Healthy Future which delivers entrepreneurial solutions to children’s health through open collaboration and innovative solutions.

Amal Lad

Amal Lad is a GP trainee based in the West Midlands. He is passionate about collaborating medicine with creative expression to improve health and well-being.  The Programme has given Amal an opportunity to develop Meducasian – a project that aims to change conversations around health in the Asian community through film, music and art.  “Hearing Tumours” is an attempt to express symptoms of a brain tumour using music and is the first of the Meducasian series.

Aside from being a doctor, Amal is a musician and has composed music for projects varying from verbatim theatre on domestic violence to music for a London hospital art trail to mobilise long stay patients.

Paul LeePaul Lee

Paul Y F Lee is a senior fellow in the Exeter Hip Unit and recently obtain a consultant post as a Trauma and Orthopaedic surgeon in Lincolnshire. He is the founding director of Consent Plus and committed to improving the consent process for elective surgery. He aims to engage patient and their relatives via an interactive approach to improving their dialogue with the surgical team. Consentplus.com has been featured by specialist society, such as the British Orthopedics Association, Association for Perioperative Practice, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and Nursing Time; as well as by many surgeons, health care professionals, patients and their relatives, this patient based approach has improved the quality of patient pathway and has received funding from the health foundation to further develop the concept.

Hannah Lonsdale

Hannah Lonsdale is a consultant paediatric anaesthetist, leader, techie, dancer, straight-talker. Developing Team Screen- an interactive electronic dashboard to aid clinicians during cardiac arrest and other life-threatening emergencies.

Gauruv Malhan

Gauruv Malhan is a Forensic Psychiatry trainee in the Wessex Deanery. Using his passion for innovation, he founded www.map-em.com – the one stop shop for all doctors / other healthcare professionals, which provides hospital specific guidelines/medical calculators/mini drug database/contact directory and a courses and conference finder.

Maniragav Manimaran

Ragav is medical student at University College London with a background in medical physics and bioengineering. So far on his entrepreneurial journey, he’s led the UCL Entrepreneurs Society to raise £15,000 (now recognised as the ‘Best UK University Enterprise Society’), managed the society’s Fund to invest £7000+ in student ventures and co-founded Kickstart London to accelerate 16 student startups since 2015. Currently, Ragav is working to solve the monitoring of chronic diseases (e.g. heart failure) through creating novel digital health solutions.

Maryanne MariyaselvamMaryanne Mariyaselvam

Maryanne trained at The Norwich Medical School and subsequently completed her Foundation Training in the Eastern Region. She is a Clinical Research Fellow at Cambridge University Hospitals and has led three regional patient safety projects for the Eastern Academic Health Sciences Network. Maryanne is undertaking a Doctorate at the University of Cambridge and her research interests are in the field of patient safety in the NHS, human factors and the use of innovation solutions to prevent never events and serious adverse events. Maryanne is a fellow of the NHS Innovation Accelerator Programme and two of her safety innovations have been supported the programme: the Non-injectable arterial connector (NIC), designed to prevent wrong route drug administration, and the WireSafe, designed to prevent retained foreign objects. Maryanne is also a founding fellow of the Q initiative.

Mark MartinMark Martin

Mark Martin is a Doctor in the North West and the founder of Set Points, a service that allows users to predict their risk of developing cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Users with diabetes can take the guess work out of finding how healthy they truly are, and discover if their lifestyle and medications are having the desired effects. Those looking to prevent these common conditions, reduce or stop medication will be supported by the programme. Mark has a background in research and treating chronic diabetic leg ulcers. Set Points aim is to drive behaviour change in doctors and patients, when managing long-term conditions.

Tom Micklewright

Tom Micklewright is a GP registrar and Medical Leadership Fellow in the North West. With the support of the Clinical Entrepreneur Programme, Tom has worked in collaboration with teachers and schools to launch Head Salad Wellbeing, a company delivering a fun and engaging educational programme to school-age children with the goal of preventing mental illness in later life. Head Salad completed a successful pilot at the end of 2016 and is expanding to secure contracts with more schools across the North West.

Rebecca Morris

Rebecca Morris graduated in medicine in 2012 and has subsequently completed two years of core surgical training.  Currently, as part of the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme, Rebecca is working on a project uniting her passion for Surgery and Art.  Her work tackles the concepts of society stereotypes and the challenges experienced by those living with a disfigurement.

Kinan Muhammed

Kinan Muhammed is a Neurology clinical fellow working at the University of Oxford. He was awarded a Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Fellowship to investigate motivational deficits affecting neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s disease. His research uses a combination of biosensors, eye tracking and brain imaging to understand the mechanisms underlying apathy and is developing new methods of measuring motivation. He was recently invited by TEDxNHS to discuss his work on how understanding motivation can make us healthier. Kinan also has a strong interest in the use of technology in medical education, he is the co-founder of the online learning platform SyriaScholar, which provides remote teaching to medical students in Syria.

Dr Jing Ouyang

Dr Jing Ouyang is the Academic Foundation Doctor in Endocrinology at University Aintree Hospital and the Peter G Milner Fellow in Medical Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Liverpool. He is currently taking a break from clinical training to work as a Chief Medical Officer for NOVA and clinical innovation fellow at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. He co-founded an award-winning medical device company called Aergo which develops dynamic postural support seating devices for patients in wheelchairs.

Matt PendletonDr Matt Pendleton

Matt is a speacialty Paediatrics Trainee and Clinical Entrepreneur based in the North West of England. He is the Founder of WardWatch, a platform that captures just in time learning to bring clinical teaching into the 21st century. Interests include digital health, user experience in healthcare, education and genetics.

Lewis Potter

Lewis Potter is a junior doctor and founder of Geeky Medics, an online education platform that enables medical students to learn clinical skills at their convenience through the use of an intuitive website and app.

Radoslaw Rippel

Radoslaw is a junior doctor, who is passionate about application of technology to improve patient care and wellbeing. He is currently working on a project which will utilise chatbot and AI technology for self care and treatment monitoring of people with common chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. This will empower patients, educate them about the chronic condition they suffer, and reduce rates of medical complications arising from medications non-compliance and delayed diagnosis.

Dr Ish Saxena

Ish is a GP trainee based in the North West of England. He is involved in innovations in primary care, and currently undertaking an infrastructure innovation project in his home town. He is the founder and CEO of “F3’ing It!” – a start up focusing on supporting doctors and providing the best opportunities for those seeking training breaks. The organisation, launched in March 2017, is collaborating with doctors, NHS trusts and non NHS organisations throughout the country. His other interests include teaching, for which he has received multiple awards from the University of Manchester. His latest project involves novel ways of helping international doctors adapt to work and life in the UK.

Rahul Singh

Rahul is an orthopaedic surgeon trainee based in London. His interest lies in quality improvement and is currently creating a platform using technology to improve Best Practice Tariff compliance and hence improve patient care nationally.

He has also successfully completed an MD, doctorate thesis on mesenchymal stem cells. This has fuelled his desire to create novel treatment strategies for degenerative joint diseases such as osteoarthritis.

Bala Sirigreddy

Bala is a Biomedical Scientist and Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) specialist. In addition to being Head of the Haematology and Blood Transfusion Department at Homerton, he is also a researcher and data science enthusiast. He has been working in the NHS for the past 14 years. He successfully led the team through UKAS ISO 15189 quality accreditation and MHRA compliance. He has co-authored multiple peer reviewed articles.

Bala has an MSc from Sheffield Hallam University in the UK, a BSc and MBA from Kakatiya University in India. His first business venture was to establish a software training company for Sopar – a Canadian charity which operates in southern India. His other passions include Neuroscience & Direction of Scientific documentaries.

Matt Stammers

Matt is a Gastroenterology SpR working on the South Coast. He is passionately interested in online tech-entrepreneurship, so much so that he started Clinical Developers – a network dedicated to the success of clinicians who want to learn to develop and market clinical software. He is presently working on a new kind of solution to help people who suffer with gut problems – watch this space.

Kyle Stewart

Kyle Stewart is a GP trainee developing several different novel medical products that could soon be on a ward near you!

Along with two biomedical research projects in collaboration with Exeter University, Kyle is also looking to commercialise some of the unused assets within the NHS to generate wealth for the healthcare sector.

Edward St JohnEdward St John

Edward St John is a Breast and General surgical specialist trainee in South London. He has also been completing a PhD whilst working as a Clinical Research Fellow at Imperial College under the guidance of Professor Darzi and was awarded a research fellowship by the Royal College of Surgeons of England. He is the founder of OpInform, a digital platform for producing procedure specific, patient bespoke, surgical Consent forms. OpInform has been successfully piloted at a number of NHS trust and won the BAPRAS best process innovation award. Edward has recently joined with SurgicalConsent.co.uk to create a mobile and desktop solution to shared clinical decision making to enhance the process of surgical consent. Edward has published data on the benefits of using electronic consent in comparison to traditional handwritten consent forms. Edward, alongside the SurgicalConsent team plan for NHS wide adoption of their innovative consenting system, for the benefit of patients, doctors and hospitals. In addition to Edward’s experience and expertise in the eHealth and digital consent domains, he has also been working on a research project with the intelligent Knife (iKnife) for the detection of cancer during surgery. He has won several prestigious prizes, presented his work at numerous international conferences and has published extensively in a number of high impact journals. He has a particular passion for the implementation of innovative surgical devices and their potential role in disrupting traditional clinical workflows for the benefit of patients.

Axel SylvanAxel Sylvan

Inspired by his experiences from either end of the scalpel, Axel founded myrecovery with fellow surgeon-patient Tom Harte to transform the patient experience.

Myrecovery is a mobile app that uses award-winning design and self-care tools to inform and empower patients through every step of their preparation and recovery from orthopaedic surgery. By harnessing the power of machine learning and engaging people in their own treatment, myrecovery promotes a smoother, safer and more efficient delivery of care.

Chris Whittle

Chris Whittle is an anaesthetic trainee turned entrepreneur, and founder/CEO of MyMed.  He is passionate about helping to solve NHS problems with technology.  To that end, MyMed is about bringing a free video GP service to those who need it right now.

Matt Wilson

Matt Wilson is an anaesthetic trainee and former Medical Officer with the Royal Marines.  He is the founder of uMed; a platform providing personalised knowledge feeds for healthcare professionals which combines the latest research with collective clinical experience to spread excellence in practice.

Tejas Yarashi

Tejas Yarashi is an Orthopaedic Registrar training in London and the founder of knowmyop.com. This is a soon to be launched platform which allows surgeons to create personalised, interactive, pre-operative education tools for their patients enabling them to be better prepared for their operation.