Co-production case study

A co-production approach to care and support planning


Care and support planning (CSP) for long term conditions is a difficult area for health and care systems to tackle.  Although clinicians and commissioners have seen benefits from CSP, reliable large scale evidence has been harder to obtain and implementation is variable.

What we did

Carers and experts with experience of managing their long term conditions worked with us to plan, co-chair and run a workshop on CSP.  Other people taking part were commissioners; partner agencies; the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP); the Health and Social Care Information Centre, and clinicians and colleagues from across NHS England.

The carers and experts talked to the group about the importance of CSP and co-production; we heard from commissioners about innovative practice, and we learnt more about resources recently published to support CSP by Think Local Act Personal, the RCGP and the Health and Social Care Information Centre.  We ended the day by identifying top priorities and actions for care and support planning, which included to:

  1. Improve information sharing across individual, organisational and sector boundaries to share CSPs
  2. Develop and disseminate a framework to support local action on CSP
  3. Support and drive commissioning to deliver good CSP
  4. Strengthen awareness of CSP and its benefits to patients, carers, health and care professionals as well as commissioners

What we learnt

This level of co-production provided us with a healthy reality check.  Bringing together people who are experts in their own care from thestartwith NHS England and other partner organisations gave us a deeper understanding – we were gaining from meaningful and personal perspectives, all of which would not have been achieved without co-production. Participants told us they felt at ease with fully participating in discussions. They also found it gave them information and ideas they could take forward in their local roles on patient and carer representative groups. The outcome of this work provided us with good insight and information which has helped develop practical actions for care and support planning, which can also be used to develop evidence of benefit and value.