Resources – Supporting the vanguards

The Five Year Forward View partners have published a national support package for all 50 vanguards.

Extensive engagement with the vanguards was carried out including site visits, workshops and discussions. Based on their feedback there are nine areas of support:

  1. Designing new care models– working with the vanguards to develop their local model of care, maximising the greatest impact and value for patients;
  2. Evaluation and metrics– supporting the vanguards to understand – on an ongoing basis – the impact their changes are having on patients, staff and the wider population;
  3. Integrated commissioning and provision– assisting the vanguards to break down the barriers which prevent their local health system from developing integrated  commissioning;
  4. Governance, accountability and provider regulation –helping the vanguards develop the right organisational form and governance model, as well as understand the impact on how they are regulated;
  5. Empowering patients and communities– working with the vanguards to enhance the way in which they work with patients, local people and communities to develop services;
  6. Harnessing technology– supporting the vanguards to rethink how care is delivered, given the potential of digital technology to deliver care in radically different ways. It will also help organisations to more easily share patient information;
  7. Workforce redesign– supporting the vanguards to develop a modern, flexible workforce which is organised around patients and their local populations;
  8. Local leadership and delivery– working with the vanguards to develop leadership capability and learn from international experts, and;
  9. Communications and engagement– supporting the vanguards to demonstrate best practice in the way they engage with staff, patients and local people.

The national package has been developed to enable the vanguards to make the changes they want effectively and at pace. It is also aims to maximise the sharing of learning across the vanguards and spread good practice nationally across the wider NHS and care system.

In addition to the support outlined in the support package, the 50 vanguards were allocated total funding of almost £133 million in 2015/16, £112 million in 2016/17 and £101 million for 2017/18.

Further information

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