Medical appraisal guide (MAG) model appraisal form

The Medical Appraisal Guide: Model Appraisal Form (MAG Form) allows doctors and appraisers to enter information and attach documents before and after the appraisal meeting.

Technical issues: We understand that some users are experiencing technical issues with this document. You may need to upgrade to the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to complete the form until we resolve this issue.

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The form has been designed with the appraisal meeting in mind, in a logical manner that mirrors how the appraisal conversation may flow. This is the second version of the form, updated and published for April 2016 that will improve the user experience for doctors and appraisers, along with enhancing the appraisal outputs for doctors.

Information for doctors and appraisers

Always download and save the form first before attempting to complete it.

The pdf form can only be opened (with full functionality) in Adobe Reader. Your computer/laptop may attempt to unsuccessfully open the form using its default pdf reader, which may not be Adobe Reader. You may therefore need to (once you have downloaded and saved the form) right click on the file and select ‘Open with’, then selecting Adobe Reader. You may also need to install Adobe Reader if not already available.

Before completing the form, doctors and appraisers should review the MAG Form User Guide (NHS England 2016).

Doctors should complete up to and including Section 17 and submit the package of information to the appraiser by a mutually agreed date. Sections 18, 19 and 20 will be completed during and immediately after the appraisal meeting by both the doctor and the appraiser.

Information for designated bodies

Designated bodies using the form will need to design their appraisal systems locally. This should include describing arrangements for safe and secure storage of the form and its contents, verification of the connection between the doctor and the content of the form and safe and secure transfer of the form and its contents between doctor, appraiser and responsible officer.

Please note that NHS England does not provide technical support for the form, so designated bodies will need to provide both user guidance and IT support to their doctors and appraisers.

Designated bodies wishing to use the form should read the following guidance for organisations, accompanied by the User Guide:

Version update

Current version: MAG4.2Form

Please note that version 4.2 of the new MAG4 form replaced version 4.1 in September 2016. This was to fix a minor glitch that occurred in Section 20 where the date of appraisal meeting field had to correlate with the financial year of the appraisal entered into Section 3. Even if a correctly correlating date was entered for the months of July and August, an error message mistakenly appeared, although completion of the form was still possible. Version 4.1 should no longer be used.

Version 4.0 of the new MAG4 form, released in April 2016, was replaced by version 4.1 in July 2016 due to a minor glitch with the lockdown button in Section 21 (whereby the lockdown button did not remain showing as locked once the form had been saved, closed and reopened again (despite it still actually being locked), causing potential confusion on the form’s status). Version 4.0 should no longer be used.