Looking after you: free confidential coaching and support for the primary care workforce

Looking After You coaching provides confidential wellbeing support and is available to everyone working in NHS primary care.

Our experienced coaches can help you as an individual or in a peer group, support you to manage your team, or guide you with your career goals and ambitions. All the services are easily accessible and tailored to your individual needs.

This is an opportunity to prioritise and look after yourself whilst you continue to look after others. Over 10,000 primary care colleagues have benefitted from coaching – and so could you.

This image accompanies the Looking after you too coaching offer. The images show two people who are wavingLooking After You Too – coaching about you and your wellbeing

Individual coaching

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This coaching focuses on you and your wellbeing. You can talk about things like:

  • the pressures and challenges you are facing
  • how you are thinking and feeling
  • coping with the demands of your role.

The coaching is designed to support you to develop practical strategies to cope with your situation and stay well.

Peer wellbeing sessions

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These sessions will bring together 6-8 people alongside a trained coach to discuss and plan how to improve and maintain your wellbeing. You will participate in four one-hour virtual group sessions in a safe and supportive space.

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“I didn’t think that I needed it, only when we started I realised how much I was suppressing, I’ll be delighted to continue, it really made me feel lighter in my mind”.

Looking After You Too coachee

This image accompanies the ‘Looking after your team’ support offer. The image shows three people talking – one of these is a team leader and the other two are team membersLooking After Your Team – coaching about you and your team

Individual coaching for managers and team leaders

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If you lead, manage, or organise a team or group in primary care you can access this offer to talk about things like:

  • thinking through how your team is working together
  • developing ways to improve team relationships
  • developing a more compassionate and collaborative culture.

The coaching can support you to make small improvements that enable healthy team working.

Virtual team away day

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You can book a team away day for you and up to seven members of your team. As the team leader or manager, a coach will work with you individually beforehand at an initial session to design the virtual team away day to suit your objectives and to ensure the session focuses on your team needs.

Following this, a date and time for the virtual team away day will be confirmed.

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“The coaching sessions have really supported me and allowed me to be honest with myself and [the] workplace. It’s definitely made a difference. They are saving me.”

Looking After Your Team coachee

Image to accompany the ‘Looking after your career’ coaching offer. The image shows a woman and a man shaking hands – one of these people is a coach and the other person is a coacheeLooking After Your Career – coaching about you and your career

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This is an opportunity to focus on you and your career. You can use this coaching to talk about things like:

  • planning your career progression
  • looking at your options and making choices
  • thinking through career decisions.

The coaching is designed to support you to take practical steps, take more control over your career direction and proactively advance it.

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“It helped me to prioritise some space to think about my job and what I want from it and how I can move forward. Very thought-provoking and useful”

Looking After Your Career coachee

Share coaching support with colleagues

Please download this poster to display in your workspace and to share with colleagues.