Staff mental health and wellbeing hubs

The staff mental health and wellbeing hubs were set up to provide health and social care colleagues rapid access to mental health services and support where needed.

Established in October 2020, with funding subsequently extended to March 2023, the hubs were funded on a non-recurrent basis in response to the pressure on the workforce from COVID-19. NHS England identified further national funding to maintain support for staff mental health until March 2024, as part of the transition towards a sustainable model for staff health and wellbeing support which is based on a preventative, local level approach.

Using the learning from the staff mental health hubs, regions and ICBs have been asked to collaboratively agree the best approach to providing the right mental health support and outreach for their workforce.  To find out what support is available to you, please reach out to your local health and wellbeing, HR or occupational health teams for more information about your local mental health and wellbeing offers.

Other support available for our NHS People

  • you can seek mental health support through the current staff wellbeing offers, including free access to a range of health and wellbeing apps, or through NHS talking therapies
  • you can access help from your GP
  • the free and confidential Check My Wellbeing self-check tool can provide you with further information on the range of support offers that are available and help you to identify what option is the right one for you to access
  • NHS Practitioner Health is a mental health treatment service for healthcare staff. Practitioner Health is for members of the workforce who, due to confidentiality reasons, cannot access care or treatment locally. Primary and secondary care staff in England where there is a genuine reason why they cannot access care confidentially e.g. due to the seniority of their role, or the team they work in are able to self-refer to Practitioner Health. This includes doctors and dentists in England

Please see the NHS Practitioner Health website for details