Evaluation for Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Health and Care Award

The award is split into phases based on the readiness of the AI technology.

  • Phases 1 – 2 accelerate promising ideas and products that are pre-commercialisation and have yet to receive market authorisation.
  • Phase 3 develops first real-world testing in health and social care settings to establish evidence of effectiveness and efficacy.
  • Phase 4 will identify promising products which are ready for robust evaluation across multiple real-world test sites. These evaluations help build an evidence base to inform recommendations for national roll-out and, where relevant, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidance.

Phase 4 evaluations

Independent evaluations are commissioned for all our Phase 4 Award winners and will be published upon completion. These evaluations fill key evidence gaps for relevant published evidence standards frameworks and accelerate local and national adoption. Evaluations will focus on:

  • Accuracy
  • Safety
  • Effectiveness
  • Value
  • Fit with Site
  • Implementation
  • Feasibility of scale up
  • Sustainability of scale up

The AAC will also provide a model for pragmatic, late-stage, real-world evaluation of AI and  help better understand challenges and solutions for AI evaluation.

The AAC will also continue to work with regulatory bodies, arm’s length bodies and industry partners to develop and identify frameworks for fast and safe deployment of AI health and care technologies into the NHS.

Evaluation partner group

In 2021, the AAC set up an AI Award Evaluation Partner Group to work with Phase 3 and 4 technology companies on their evaluations. This group of experienced health technology evaluators will develop and deliver robust empirical evaluations in line with NICE and the UK National Screening Committee (UKNSC).

Evaluation Partner Group members:

  • KiTec
  • University of Leeds
  • iCAIRD
  • London South Bank University
  • The Strategy Unit
  • Unity Insights (spin-out of KSS AHSN) and University of Surrey
  • Swansea University
  • University of York
  • Cambridge Centre for Health Services Research
  • MedCity Diagnostics Growth Hub
  • UCL
  • Hardian Health
  • University of Edinburgh
  • University of Sheffield

The Evaluation Partner Group will provide independent peer review of selected Phase 3 projects and evaluation delivery for Phase 4 winners. When appointed to a specific technology, they are individually known as Technology Specific Evaluation Teams (TSETs).

Evaluation advisory group

Our Evaluation Advisory Group (EAG) helps ensure robustness of the evaluation plans proposed by the Evaluation Partner Group members. They also advise on the selection of TSETs and on the development of ‘Evaluation Learning’ documents.

The EAG comprises of experts in:

  • AI evaluation and medical technology assessment
  • AI regulation
  • AI implementation and adoption
  • Patients and public involvement (PPI)

Please join the AI Lab Virtual Hub to view the terms of reference for the EAG and the full list of current members.

Applications for technology evaluation team selection

The AAC is now accepting applications from prospective Technology Specific Evaluation Teams (TSETs) to join its Evaluation Partner Group (EPG).

The application form will be available to download from the Future NHS AI Hub from 7 Feb 2022 for prospective TSETs to apply. UK and EU registered organisations can apply to carry out the evaluation of Phase 4 Technology winners of the AI Award in Health and Care.

Applications to be part of the Evaluation Partner Group will close on 21 Feb 2022.