Round 3 AI in Health and Care Awards

The winners of the third competition were announced by Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Steve Barclay, on 3 March 2023.

Phase 4

Galen Breast

Ibex Medical Analytics Ltd: Galen Breast uses AI to analyse breast tissue, taken to test for cancer, which could help to diagnose breast cancer sooner, improve accuracy and reduce clinicians’ workloads. Galen Breast automatically examines breast tissue samples to detect any abnormal cells and order further tests that might be needed. Clinicians can then use these results to diagnose and determine treatments, as well as prioritise the most urgent cases.  This project will help show if Galen Breast can make breast cancer assessment quicker and more accurate, leading to earlier treatment and freeing-up clinicians’ time.

GI Genius

Medtronic Limited: GI Genius uses AI to help identify pre-cancerous growths, known as adenomas, which could help reduce the number of people who go on to develop bowel cancer. GI Genius helps to detect adenomas in nearly ‘real-time,’ while a patient has a colonoscopy. GI Genius has only been used tightly controlled trial settings and this project will test the capabilities of the technology in real-world clinical settings.