Alliance bursaries will help speed up cancer diagnosis

A new bursary scheme, funded by the National Cancer Transformation Programme, aims to speed up cancer diagnoses for patients in Yorkshire by encouraging excellence and innovation.

The £150,000 initiative by West Yorkshire and Harrogate Cancer Alliance and Yorkshire Cancer Research gives 30 professionals, who are training to become clinical endoscopists or reporting radiographers, access to a  £5,000 bursary. This bursary can be used to support developments in cancer diagnoses – from initiatives that promote patients’ involvement in care improvements through to developing informative resources that empower patients to make decisions about their care.

Prompt access to diagnostic tests and swift consultations are vital to diagnose  cancer earlier. As up to 85% of patients on ‘two week wait, suspected cancer’ referrals will not be diagnosed with cancer, prompt removal prevents unnecessary worry and means those who are diagnosed with cancer can begin treatment earlier.