C the Signs – How artificial intelligence (AI) is supporting referrals

Case study summary

RM Partners has just launched a pilot in Sutton that uses an award winning AI decision support tool, ‘C the Signs’, to help GPs identify patients at risk of cancer earlier.


The app uses artificial intelligence mapped with the latest NICE guidelines and other evidence to provide GPs with the ability to check combinations of signs, symptoms and risk factors in an easy-to-use format. Accessible on desktop computers or mobile phones, GPs can access the tool during the consultation to identify which referrals and investigations patients need. This has led to improved GP consultations and a smoother referral process.

The service model

Designed to be used within a GP consultation, ‘C the Signs’ supports clinicians in recommending what investigations or referrals the patient may need. GPs can search by symptom or area of the body affected and will then be shown each diagnostic pathway.

The content can also be adapted to provide information on what support is available locally, for example any direct access diagnostics or information on a best practice pathway.

The next steps

Following the successful trial of ‘C the Signs’ in Sutton the app is now being piloted in Merton and Wandsworth. In total GPs and practice nurses in 95 practices will be given access to the tool and be able to use in consultations with their patients.