GP Contract documentation 2014/15

Standard contract documentation

NHS England has commissioned new standard primary medical care contracts in order to make sure that there is a consistent contractual framework in place across the country.

These new standard contracts also introduce the new core contract terms that were agreed as part of the 2013/14 GP contract agreement.

These new forms of contract should be used in all cases.

Further support

These contracts have been produced by Capsticks Solicitors LLP. Capsticks have also set up a help desk (email:; telephone: 020 8780 4796). If you have any questions about these contracts please contact Capsticks Solicitors via the help desk. There is no charge for up to the first 50 minutes that Capsticks spend in dealing with any queries.


NHS England enhanced service specifications

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Choice of GP Practice

Proactive Care Programme (Avoiding Unplanned Admissions: proactive case findings and patient review for vulnerable people)

The specification for the new 2014/15 enhanced service “Avoiding unplanned admissions : proactive case finding and patient review for vulnerable people”, now referred to as the “proactive care programme” has now been published below. GP practices wishing to participate should sign up to this by 30 June 2014 .

Revised guidance for this enhanced service is also being published to reflect the detail of the specification. The specification should be read in conjunction with the guidance, but it should be stressed that it is this specification which forms the basis for the enhanced service. Area teams and CCGs may wish to adapt the guidance, for example on care planning, to reflect their own local approach to transforming care for people with more complex needs. A link to guidance on care and support planning is given in “Providing proactive care and avoiding unplanned admissions for vulnerable people: A programme of action for general practice” below. National Voices have also produced a guide entitled “Care and Support Planning Guide”.

Practices should also note that patients covered by this enhanced service should be notified of their accountable GP and care co-ordinator by the end of July, and that personalised care plans for all patients initially added to this register should be in place by the end of September 2014.

Practices should note that the Read2 and CTV3 codes relevant for this enhanced service are listed in the technical requirements document for the 2014/15 GMS contract changes.

A guidance note has also been published below which sets out the key role that CCGs can play, working with member practices, to help make sure that these services deliver the maximum benefits for patients. This includes making sure that GP practices are able to use risk stratification tools to identify those patients who should be offered the new service.

Implications for PMS and APMS contracts

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