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NHS service delivered by a third party provider (staff identification badge)

Where an NHS service is provided by a third party provider, the service will generally have an NHS service logo. This would be positioned on the right hand side on staff identification badges.

Credit: Blackpool Community Dermatology Service and Virgin Care

Where the service does not have an NHS service logo, either the stand-alone NHS logo or the commissioning organisation’s NHS logo would be used. If the commissioning NHS organisation is an ambulance service, their Crown Badge cannot be applied. The stand-alone NHS logo would also be used if staff work across more than one NHS service.

Usually the provider’s logo would go in a supporting position, bottom right. However, due to the restricted space on identification badges, the best place for the provider’s logo would be top left, under the supporting statement ‘Service provided by’. The sizing of the logo should be proportional to, but not larger than, the NHS logo.

No graphic devices or straplines should be included on staff identification badges.

Some of the examples featured across this site may have been amended to illustrate how the guidelines should be applied.