Applying the identity

Identity guidelines

Detailed technical guidelines explaining who can use the NHS Identity and how it should be correctly applied.


The revised colour palette and guidance on colour balance and use.


Which fonts can be used and how.


How to ensure images are on-brand and details of the NHS photo library.

Naming principles

How to approach the naming of NHS organisations, partnerships and services.

NHS logo

The NHS logo (lozenge) is central to the NHS Identity. It is the visual representation of the values and purpose of the NHS and is the mark of quality that patients and the public look for when accessing healthcare.

Organisational logos

How to create and use logos for different types of NHS organisation.

Partnership branding

Approach to the branding of partnerships, of all types.

Partnership logo

If you can use an NHS partnership logo, this is how.

Primary care logo

The NHS logo to be used by GPs, opticians, dentists and pharmacies.

Service branding

How to brand NHS services provided either by the NHS or third parties.

Suppliers of branded items

Printers and other suppliers of NHS branded items such as identity badges, lanyards, embroidered clothing and stationery items, have standing permission to use the NHS logo on such items, but need to comply with all of the criteria below.

Tone of voice

Ensuring your tone of voice is appropriate for the NHS.

Visual styles, graphic devices and straplines

What can and cannot be created to help differentiate between NHS organisations.

Who can use the NHS Identity?

Check here to see if you are permitted to use the NHS Identity.

Who cannot use the NHS Identity?

You may not be permitted to use the NHS Identity, check here.