Set up

No, it is an independent online application.

Manor Lodge was implemented at the very beginning of the pandemic in spring 2020.

Supporting information:

  • D21 – Case study – GP Online Services in Care Homes – ordering medications using proxy access

Yes. You can download and adapt one for local use here.

Supporting information:

  • D5 – Form – care home resident consent form for access to GP online services

Best practice advises that you must record that you have informed all the residents of the changes in process and got their agreement to staff being given proxy access.

Supporting information:

  • D3 – Template – letter to residents re proxy access
  • D4 – Template – information leaflet for residents
  • D5 – Form – care home resident consent form for access to GP online services

An online demo of EMIS and TPP setup is available.

Step-by-step guides too for TPP, EMIS and Microtest systems.

Supporting information:

  • D7 – User guide – GP practice – TPP S1 proxy access setup
  • D8 – User guide – GP practice – EMIS web proxy access setup
  • D9 – User guide – GP practice – Microtest proxy access setup

To set up a new online user and add proxy access for patients is dependent on how many practices there are for the care home, how many new online users there are and how many patients to be set up per care home.

For a competent member of staff for this process, approximately it takes about 6 minutes to set up 1 new online user with access to 20 patients by proxy. The times will vary across practices locally.

The main barrier has been engagement and relationships between the practice, pharmacy, and care homes. Once this has been addressed and all stakeholders are bought in the project can start and be successful.

No onset date needed as only access is to ordering medication is given.

Patients must be registered at the practice to enable proxy access for their care home/s. You can register the patient as temporary.

The care home will set up to use the application via the web of whatever GP system is in use.

Temporary residents within TPP SystmOne can be added to a proxy online account (they are shown in red) however the practice will need to ensure their repeats have all been entered into the record otherwise it’s blank.  Experience in EMIS Web is that temporary residents cannot be added to a proxy account.