System level

For an AHP, or person working alongside or in support of AHPs, with leadership or oversight within a local health or care system.

AHPs champion and promote diverse and inclusive leadership

  • People first​: How can I ask and listen to ‘what matters to you?’ for AHPs in my system?
  • Optimising care​: How could I appreciate and celebrate the impact of AHPs in my system?
  • Social justice – addressing health and care inequalities: How well does the region AHP leadership support the addressing of health inequalities?
  • Environmental sustainability – Greener AHPs: How could I hold the net zero agenda central to my system-level decision making, and is my AHP community contributing to the delivery of my Green Plan (or equivalent)?
  • Strengthening and promoting the AHP community: How could current and fu​ture leadership across the region be nurtured to represent the communities we serve?

AHPs in the right place, at the right time, with the right skills

  • People first​: How can AHPs and the support workforce be supported to promote an increased focus on preventative care alongside social prescribing and community-based support? ​
  • Optimising care​: How could diverse AHP roles and career development be supported within my system to optimise care provision? ​
  • Social justice – addressing health and care inequalities: How could I use the My role in tackling health inequalities framework to support career and skills development for AHPs from all personal and professional backgrounds?​
  • Environmental sustainability – Greener AHPs​: What structures are in place to support AHPs across the system to work in greener ways, including promotion of public health and preventative healthcare approaches and access to current sustainable healthcare training?
  • Strengthening and promoting the AHP community: How can I better support the physical and mental wellbeing of the AHP community to care for those who care? ​

AHPs commit to research, innovation, and evaluation

  • People first​: How could the ICS nurture a culture of ground-up research and innovation of care among the AHP workforce at all career stages? ​
  • Optimising care​: How could the impact of AHPs’ cross-clinical pathway working be measured and best practice shared to maximise high quality care provision? ​
  • Social justice – addressing health and care inequalities: How could I better understand and advocate for the roles AHPs could play to address health and care inequalities within the health system? ​
  • Environmental sustainability – Greener AHPs​: How could I support, collate and share examples of greener AHP practice across my system, and learn from other systems to achieve a more sustainable delivery of care?
  • Strengthening and promoting the AHP community: What support is in place for AHPs at all career stages to pursue research and innovation activities in support of the ICS as outlined in Allied health professions’ research and innovation strategy for England? ​

AHPs can further harness digital technology and innovation through data

  • People first​: Are the digital needs and capabilities of the AHP workforce in my system and the people they support central in decision making? ​
  • Optimising care​: How can the Digital framework for allied health professionals support my system to be digitally ready to provide optimised care? ​
  • Social justice – addressing health and care inequalities: How could digital tools be used to minimise the experience of health inequalities and achieve the ambitions outlined in AHPs Deliver? ​
  • Environmental sustainability – Greener AHPs​: What mechanisms could I put in place to enable AHPs to adopt technologies for greener healthcare with system-wide benefits?
  • Strengthening and promoting the AHP community: How can I better use data to understand the experiences of AHPs within the system to provide support to care for their health and wellbeing needs? ​