NHS England Specialised Commissioning is the responsible commissioner for all radiotherapy services across England. The exact scope of NHS England’s commissioning responsibility is set out in the Manual for Prescribed Specialised Services.

This includes all forms of radiotherapy including brachytherapy and associated outpatient activity. In addition, the service includes all provision of intracranial stereotactic radiosurgery/radiotherapy and extracranial stereotactic radiotherapy. This applies to provision in adults and children.

Radiotherapy clinical reference group

This service area is supported by a Clinical Reference Group (CRG). The main function of a CRG is to provide the primary source of clinical advice for specialised services and the membership comprises clinical, Patient and Public Voice (PPV) representatives and professional associations. Each CRG is also supported by an NHS England Commissioning Lead and Public Health Lead.

Membership of radiotherapy clinical reference group

  • Imogen Locke, Chair
  • Carol Scott, Clinical Member
  • Christopher Scrase, Clinical Member
  • Christopher Walker, Clinical Member
  • Petra Jankowska, Clinical Member
  • Rachel Cooper, Clinical Member
  • Ramkumar Shanmugasundaram, Clinical Member
  • Sarah Helyer, Clinical Member
  • Julie Wolfarth, Patient and Public Voice Representative
  • Georgina Wiley, Patient and Public Voice Representative   
  • Emily Lam, Patient and Public Voice Representative
  • Charlotte Beardmore, Affiliate Member (Society of Radiographers)
  • Spencer Goodman, Affiliate Member (Society of Radiographers)
  • Tom Roques, Affiliate Member (Royal College of Radiologists)

Commissioning products

A key part of the CRG’s work is the delivery of the ‘products’ of commissioning. These are the tools used by the Regional Commissioning Teams to contract services.

Service Specifications

Service specifications are important in clearly defining the standards of care expected from organisations funded by NHS England to provide specialised care. The specifications have been developed by specialised clinicians, commissioners, expert patients and public health representatives to describe both core and developmental service standards. Core standards are those that all funded providers should be able to demonstrate, with developmental standards being those which may require further changes in practice over time to provide excellence in the field.

The following service specifications fall within the scope of this CRG:

Clinical commissioning policies

A commissioning policy is a document that defines access to a service for a particular group of patients. A NICE Technology Appraisal Guideline on the same topic will replace, or be incorporated into, a commissioning policy as appropriate. These are important documents that are developed to ensure consistency in access to treatments nationwide.

The following policies fall within the scope of this CRG:

Clinical commissioning policy statements

Policy statements are brief documents that define the current commissioning position to support service contracting.

The following policy statements fall within the scope of this CRG:

Commissioning through evaluation

NHS England’s Commissioning through Evaluation (CtE) scheme for the use of Selective Internal Radiation Therapy (SIRT) to treat cancerous tumours in the liver is now complete. The independent evaluation of the scheme led by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has now been published.

NHS England’s Commissioning through Evaluation (CtE) scheme for the use of Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy (SABR) to treat cancer is now complete. The independent evaluation of the scheme led by the King’s Technology Evaluation Centre (KiTEC) is expected to be published shortly.

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