Cheshire & Merseyside

For Cheshire & Merseyside, there is a particular focus on co-designing new models of care with service users and staff across the Local Maternity System with an aim to:

  • Co design and create temporary, ‘pop-up’ Midwifery Led units around the locality, to test demand for new services in innovative and creative locations around the locality, with the first one being operational by August 2017.
  • Expanding the choices of provider available for women through-out their maternity care and ensuring a consistent and equal offer in Cheshire and Mersey.
  • Development and evaluation of a community hub model of care, incorporating obstetricians, midwives and other health care professionals by September 2017.
  • Development of a single point of access for women to access maternity services across Cheshire and Mersey, by the end of August 2017.
  • Creating smaller teams of midwives to deliver continuity of carer model in small areas of the locality by December 2017 with a view to rolling out wider following evaluation.
  • Establishing baseline data to monitor a reduction in the variation in clinical outcomes across the locality, following standardising and evaluating pathways across maternity providers.
  • Implementing a common perinatal mental health pathway across Cheshire and Mersey to ensure all women have access to consistent, NICE guidance compliant care.
  • Empowering women and families through strong feedback mechanisms and involvement in the design and delivery of all maternity provision by utilising interactive feedback applications, co designing events and service user representation on the project group.