Safe Learning Environment Charter

The Charter was created in response to healthcare learners’ feedback on their clinical experiences in maternity services, set out in the Kirkup (2015 and 2022) and Ockenden (2020 and 2022) reports.

The Safe Learning Environment Charter supports the development of positive safety cultures and continuous learning across all learning environments in the NHS. It is underpinned by principles of equality, diversity, and inclusion. It has been developed by over 2482 learners, educators, and key stakeholders in health education.

The Charter is designed for learners and those responsible for supporting placement learning across all learning environments and all professions within them. It is aligned to the NHS People Promise in recognition that learners are vital to the workforce and are included in the promises we must all make to each other, to improve everyone’s experience of working in the NHS. The Charter sets out the supportive learning environment required to allow learners to become well-rounded professionals with the right skills and knowledge to provide safe and compassionate care of the highest quality.