North Central London

For North Central London, the vision is focused on providing a safe, local and accessible Maternity Service providing women and families across NCL with a personalised and compassionate experience whilst offering choice of care from antenatal to postnatal. This will be achieved by having a single point of access to maternity services across NCL for women and their families. This will include:

  • Having the most up to date and relevant information available for women, their families and healthcare professionals by developing and promoting the use of specially designed smartphone apps and internet web pages.
  • Improving the experience of women accessing maternity services in NCL as through measures including the Friends and Family test. Data and metrics will be identified as part of the more detailed project plan and will be available from March 2017.
  • Providing increased choice for births in midwifery settings across NCL. Currently there is a home birth rate of 1.3% overall and significant variation across NCL. Baseline data will be collated as part of the initial scoping phase of the project.
  • Developing and testing shared electronic patient records across NCL during 2017/18.
  • Improving the safety of maternity care provided to women by standardising the training and education for health care professionals across the providers in NCL. This multi professional training will start to take place in early 2017 and will support staff with safer working across sites and equip them with additional skills required to operate new models of care.
  • The co-design and creation of a new model of care to deliver intrapartum continuity of carer in pilot sites initially during 2017/18 and rolling out across NCL after evaluation.