North West London

For North West London there is a particular focus on providing continuity of carer for women by embracing new models of care across the geography with an aim to:

  • Co-design the new model to cover antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal care with staff and women and families.
  • Ensure that all women have a named midwife who coordinates their care and provides continuity in the antenatal and postnatal period.
  • Expand continuity of care from the antenatal and postnatal period to include the intrapartum period as well, for at least 20% of women, starting with the most vulnerable groups first.
  • Address work force education and training needs to deliver the model.
  • Pilot the new model to include evaluation and, where necessary, adaption of the model.
  • Improve postnatal community care delivered to women in North West London, by ensuring women have access to their midwife (and where appropriate, obstetrician) as they require after having their baby.
  • Ensure women are given full, informed choice of birth setting, which will include establishing base line metrics for current clinical activity, for example, the number of caesarean sections and the number of postnatal readmissions, so that the outcomes can be measured within the project

Contact details:

Role Contact Details
Clinical SRO Pippa Nightingale
Clinical workstream lead:

Vulnerability and perinatal mental health

Scott Johnston
Clinical workstream lead:


Danny O’Leary danny.o’
Clinical workstream lead:

Shared obstetric care

Simon Mehigan
Clinical workstream lead:

Postnatal care
Engagement lead

Anita Hutchins
Programme manager Victoria Lyon
Local Maternity System Chair Mandish Dhanjal
North West London STP lead Mohini Parmar