For Somerset this includes:

  • A particular focus on working across organisational and professional boundaries, facilitating improvements in post-natal care for vulnerable women and the implementation of electronic maternity records for women and staff
  • Developing, during 2017, new “assistant practitioner” roles to work in the community. The roles will be accountable to a midwife and aimed at supporting vulnerable women and their families during the post-natal period. The assistant practitioners will undertake a structured education and training programme over two years, leading to a recognised qualification whilst working in the complex care team
  • Integrating collaborative working across both provider organisations to have a single aligned maternity model of care by April 2018 (date TBC through agreement of more detailed project plan).
  • Collaborating to produce a single electronic maternity record, accessible by all health professionals across the county by August 2018 (date TBC through agreement of more detailed project plan).
  • Developing and using a county wide maternity app for women and families, providing timely essential information, by January 2018.
  • Developing metrics and collating data to determine outcomes and measure success, which will include public health outcome measures, the views of women and families and staff experience, in order to drive further improvements.

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