Case studies

Improving personal health and wellbeing


Fulfilment at work

Managers and leaders


Data insights

Professional wellbeing support


Infographic of the NHS health and wellbeing model 2021. The infographic shows a circular wheel divided into seven different coloured chunks, each representing one of the seven elements of health and wellbeing. Separate from each element of the wheel in circular formation is the corresponding definition of each element. The following elements and their definitions are: improving personal health and wellbeing (mental and emotional wellbeing, physical wellbeing, healthy lifestyle); relationships (Supporting each other and working together); fulfilment at work (purpose, potential and recognition, life balance, bringing 'yourself' to work); managers and leaders (senior manager responsibilities, healthy leadership behaviours, skilled managers); environment (physical work spaces and facilities available to rest, recover and succeed); data insights (measuring effectiveness in our support); professional wellbeing support (support services and partners, organisation design and policy, interventions overview).

Download a PDF of the above NHS health and wellbeing model (2021): creating a health and wellbeing culture infographic