Digital primary care maturity assurance tool (DPCMAT)

The digital primary care maturity assurance tool (DPCMAT) holds annual data from April 2015 demonstrating trends and changes over this period and allowing the NHS to assess the effectiveness of the Operating Model. The DPCMAT will continue to be used in support of this Operating Model.

Data will be sourced annually from the following:

  • NHS Digital – Organisation Data Service (ODS)
  • General Practice annual e-Declaration (eDEC)
  • ICB Annual GP IT Survey
  • NHS DSPT– GP Submissions
  • NHS Digital – Patient Online Management Information (POMI)

The updated DPCMAT indicators (from April 2021) are shown in Appendix D.

Where an indicator is relevant to a requirement described in this Operating Model the indicator(s) is shown assigned to that requirement (Appendix A). DPCMAT data is available through the Primary Care Indicators Dashboard. This dashboard provides access to General Practice Indicators and the DPCMA data. GPs and integrated care boards can register for an account.

Local benefits include:

  • supporting integrated care boards (ICBs) in the management or re-procurement of GP IT service provision
  • provide assurance that ICBs are meeting the requirements of the GP IT Operating Model in the effective delivery of GP IT services
  • demonstrate progress and identify areas for investment in GP IT services and digital innovation
  • support Care Quality Commission (CQC) assessment by providing insight into the use of digital technology within the practice, to help meet patient need and improve delivery of clinical services
  • demonstrate local progress against GP Contract digital requirements.

NHS data security and protection toolkit (DSPT)

All practices must complete and submit an annual DSPT as a requirement under the CCG-Practice Agreement. This is the responsibility of the individual practice, but support should be available to practices in the form of technical advice and access to required data which the ICB or its commissioned GP IT provider may hold.

NHS tracking database

The NHS Tracking Database provided by NHS Digital was decommissioned on 1 April 2020. Updating the tracking database is no longer part of the National Digital Services implementation requirement. Services procured through the GP IT Futures Framework will now be selected and recorded through the Digital Care Services (DCS) Catalogue.

Use of funding allocations

Directions on coding and monitoring arrangements for ICBs is given in Primary care SDF and GP IT funding guidance 2021/22.

Guidance contents

Download a PDF copy of ‘Securing Excellence in Primary Care (GP) Digital Services: The Primary Care (GP) Digital Services Operating Model 2021-2023’