Appendix C – Applicable national frameworks

Frameworks will vary in the extent of standards assurance offered. This should be considered in the selection and use of any framework.

The NHS England-funded ‘Commercial and Procurement Hub’ is available to support primary care customers with all aspects of procurement, including buying via the Digital Care Services (DCS) Catalogue.

Digital care services catalogue

The default route for the procurement of digital products for general practice and PCNs is via the DCS Catalogue.

The GP IT Futures Framework


This replaced the GPSoC Framework for the provision of accredited general practice clinical systems and sits under the DCS Catalogue. An accredited clinical system is necessary to fulfil the GP Contract requirements for clinical record systems. Available central funding is allocated (on fair shares basis) to all CCGs but held centrally. CCGs may call off clinical systems for their practices against their centrally held allocation.
Managed by NHS Digital
Relevant Services


  • GP IT Foundation Systems (accredited)
  • Patient Facing Services
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Digital First Online Consultation and Video Consultation (DFOCVC) Framework A new framework under the DCS Catalogue for procurement of GP Online Consultation and Video Consultation Systems replacing the procurement of these systems through the GP IT Futures Framework and the DPS Framework for Online Consultation.
Managed by NHS Digital
Relevant Services


Access for commissioners to buy nationally assured online consultation and video consultation products for general practice, with the intention that this framework will include all products currently in use. This new arrangement will bring together the requirements for these systems into a single set of consistent requirements and standards. Online consultations and video consultations will be treated as separate capabilities and suppliers will be able to offer one or the other or both.
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Health Systems Support Framework (HSSF)

Health Systems Support Framework (HSSF) The Framework focuses particularly on services that can support the move to integrated models of care based on intelligence-led population health management. This includes new digital and technological advances that help clinicians and managers understand a population’s health and how it can best be managed.

The Lead Provider Framework (LPF) is no longer available and the Health Services Support Framework (HSSF) will provide an alternative route to market for GP IT enabling services described in this Operating Model.

CCGs, individual general practices and ICS can access this framework.

Managed by NHS England
Relevant Services


  • ICT infrastructure support and strategic ICT services, including primary care IT support and cyber security
  • patient empowerment and activation (including remote technology including consultations, supported self-management, social prescribing and personal health records)
  • shared or integrated care records
  • transformation and change support (including development of service change and reconfiguration)
  • system-optimisation (including patient pathway optimisation, care model design and patient flow)
  • Workforce development (including eRostering, Temporary Staffing, Job Planning Solutions and Digital Staff Passports)
Further Information: Health Systems Support Framework

Health and Social Care Network (HSCN)

HSCN Access Services DPS Access to the HSCN for data sharing. Including support for transition and implementation.
Managed by NHS Digital
Relevant Services


This agreement provides access to the HSCN for health, social care, and related organisations. The HSCN is a data network that enables health and social care services to access and share information reliably, flexibly and efficiently. The agreement includes support for transition and implementation. The framework uses a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) which helps customers find relevant suppliers through a filtering system.
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G Cloud

G Cloud 12


Cloud computing services covering hosting, software and cloud support on a commodity based, pay-as-you go service. For use by the UK public sector.
Managed by Crown Commercial Service
Relevant Services


Lot 1: Cloud Hosting
Lot 2: Cloud Software
Lot 3: Cloud Support
Further Information G Cloud 12

Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security Services Framework This Cyber Security Services Framework is a new framework which offers a complete range of external support services to help NHS and wider public sector organisations manage cyber risks and recover in the event of a cyber security incident. Through design, delivery, testing, governance and assurance it enables service continuity in patient care by ensuring patient data is secured and critical services and systems remain available.
Managed by NHS Shared Business Services (SBS) in partnership with  NHS Digital and the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).
Relevant Services


Lot 1 Emergency Cyber Incident Management
Lot 2 Cyber Consultancy Services
Lot 3 Security Personnel
Further Information Cyber Security Services Framework
Cyber Security Services 3

A dynamic purchasing system (DPS) that allows public sector buyers to buy an extensive variety of cyber security services from pre-qualified suppliers.

Two distinct routes to finding pre-qualified suppliers who offer a range of cyber security services. The first route provides the buyer with suppliers who are assured by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). Using this filter will ensure that your supplier has been assessed by NCSC, the National Technical Authority for cyber security in the UK. The second route provides the buyer with a set of suppliers who provide similar services to those under the NCSC assured route but without the assurance the National Technical Authority provides. It is the purchasing authority’s responsibility to determine whether the service offered is fit for purpose. This may involve understanding what is assured by other accreditation bodies and how they are tested.

Managed by Crown Commercial Service
Relevant Services Lot 1 Cyber Security Services 3
Further Information Cyber Security Services 3

Digital Workplace – Hardware

Digital Workplace: Hardware (Link 3) Framework


The Digital Workplace: Hardware (Link 3) Framework can be used by NHS and wider public sector organisations to purchase end user client devices for corporate and clinical situations. The framework replaces the Link 2: IT Hardware and Services Framework.

The catalogue contains a core basket of goods with competitive fixed pricing for at least two years, enables new innovative methods of purchasing IT hardware such as Device as a Service (DaaS), finance leasing, and can be used to procure highly sustainable products.

Managed by NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) in partnership with NHS North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative (NOE CPC).
Relevant Services


Commonly purchased IT category areas, with particular focus on end user computer products such as desktop PCs, laptop PCs, tablets, mobile devices, clinical displays, medical IT hardware, printers, scanners, peripherals and associated maintenance and deployment services.

One-stop-shop for bundled solutions including access to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and Value-Added Resellers (VAR).

Further Information Digital Workplace: Hardware Framework


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