Using FFT feedback to enhance the care facilities

Trust/Practice: Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust

Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust share how services have enhanced the care facilities for patients in response to FFT feedback:

  • A young person attending CAMHS said in their FFT open text question that they appreciated having music in the waiting room but didn’t like the fact that it was the radio and that when the news came on the negative stories could be upsetting and be linked to the reason why the young person was accessing CAMHS, such as rape. The service remedied this by playing music rather than the radio.
  • Feedback highlighted that the waiting rooms could be improved for children in community dental clinics. The department have now supplied waiting areas with bookshelves and books to entertain children while waiting for appointments. They are also looking at the provision of toys and televisions in waiting areas.
  • A service user on one of the acute wards commented that they were frustrated with using plastic cutlery. This was shared with the service manager immediately, who questioned this and physically went and bought some proper cutlery.
  • Patients receiving insoles on the NHS via the podiatry service are provided with one free pair of orthotics but frequently request additional pairs. The biomechanics team have now set up Orthochoice, a service giving patients the opportunity to purchase extra pairs from the podiatry biomechanics team, also generating income for the department.