We are recognised and rewarded

Our People Promise makes clear that all our staff are fairly rewarded and recognised. We will work with trusts to support them to make the very best use of the NHS employment offer, pay and non-pay, which provide a range of benefits that go well beyond the statutory minimum and which provide access to a competitive pension scheme, including important Life Assurance, personal and other family benefits.

Reward and recognition success stories

You may find these useful when thinking about how to improve practices in your workplace.

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What initiatives can I take forward now?

  • Ensure that pensions reform are identified and implemented, including flexibilities applied to 31 March 2020 and plans beyond 2020, such as annual allowance tax & tapering; lifetime allowance, accrual flexibilities
  • Promotion of pay and reward flexibilities such as the buying and selling of annual leave
  • Promotion of the COVID Terms and Conditions Guide published in March​ 2020

Help us to help you

Do you have a success story or resource to share? Please contact us and let us know so that we can make it available for everyone.