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Facebook profile for an NHS organisation

This is an example of a Facebook profile, but the same principles apply to all social media channels, for example Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc.

Credit: NHS Bath and North East Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group

Social media profile pictures must use the national NHS logo on its own to show that it is an official NHS account.

There is usually not enough room to include the correct and full NHS organisation’s name and amends or abbreviations to organisational logos are not allowed.

Profile/account names should include the full organisational name or as much of the full name as possible. Abbreviations should make sense and enable the user to recognise the organisation. This is so users can identify NHS organisations from each other in newsfeed/status updates.

NHS organisations can also differentiate themselves from each other by applying their visual style to their profile picture or cover photo. When applying a visual style/graphic device, the digital exclusion area around the NHS logo must be adhered to.

The cover photo can also include a graphic device or photography or be plain NHS Blue.

The profile text/description should include as much identifying information and contact details as possible.

The same principles apply to Facebook accounts for an NHS service, NHS only partnership or NHS programme.

Some of the examples featured across this site may have been amended to illustrate how the guidelines should be applied.