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Mixed partnership (Vanguard) for a service redesign and improvement programme

This is an example where there are multiple organisations working together in an equal partnership on a health and social care service redesign programme.

Credit: NHS Mansfield and Ashfield Clinical Commissioning Group and NHS Newark and Sherwood Clinical Commissioning Group

The partners’ logos should appear in a line in the website banner. However, where there are a large number of partners involved, each with different levels of responsibility for the programme, it may not be possible or appropriate to use all their logos. The logos of the lead accountable organisations, who are responsible for commissioning the services, would appear in the website banner. All other partners would be listed in text elsewhere on the page.

The NHS organisation’s logo or NHS logo would ideally appear top right. In this example, the NHS logo has been used as there are a number of NHS organisations involved in the partnership. The names of the NHS organisations involved are included with the list of all partners.

Alternative logos for the partnership are not allowed. Where multiple organisations are working together in an equal partnership, no individual partner’s visual style should dominate.

Some of the examples featured across this site may have been amended to illustrate how the guidelines should be applied.