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NHS ambulance service website

As people often expect to see the search facility in the top right area of a website, there is the option to position the NHS organisation’s logo top left. The NHS logo and type would then need to be ranged left.

Credit: Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust

The correct and full organisation name and descriptor should be used, without any abbreviations. Although not needed in this example, due to the height restriction on a website banner, it is permitted to amend the organisation’s logo so that the organisation’s name appears on one line. The organisation’s descriptor will still go below. See the organisational logos section for how to create the logo to ensure all relative sizing and formatting in the logo template is adhered to.

When designing a website, the top banner should be white and kept free of all graphic devices, straplines and non-essential content. Please refer to our visual styles, graphic devices and straplines guidance for more information.

When using secondary or highlight colours from the NHS colour palette, these should be used in correct proportion to ensure that NHS Blue and white are the dominant colours on each page.

Some of the examples featured across this site may have been amended to illustrate how the guidelines should be applied.