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NHS service logo to address geographical issue with NHS organisation’s name

Where NHS services are provided by NHS organisations, they should usually be branded with their NHS organisation’s logo so that it is clear who is accountable and responsible for the service.

The only exception to this rule is NHS organisations that are delivering services outside their geographical name.

Example of a Local Authority commissioned service using an NHS service logo:

Credit: Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust

Where an NHS organisation’s name, and therefore the logo, would be confusing to patients, an NHS service logo can be created for the service.

The name of the service, which appears within the NHS service logo, must follow NHS naming principles.

As this is a website, there is the option to position the NHS service logo to the top left, as people often expect to see the search facility in the top right area of a website. The NHS logo and type would then need to be ranged left.

The overall visual style should follow the NHS Identity guidelines.

Where an NHS service logo is used instead of an NHS organisation’s logo, there needs to be textual statement to explain which NHS organisation is responsible for delivering the service. On offline materials this would usually be bottom right, but on a website it should be visible on the opening page without having to scroll down.

Some of the examples featured across this site may have been amended to illustrate how the guidelines should be applied.