Technology to support personalised health and care

To support more personalised approaches to health and care, NHS England has been working with clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) to ensure that IT solutions supporting the rollout of Integrated Personal Commissioning and personal health budgets (PHBs) are high quality and represent value for money.

In February 2017, NHS England published a set of requirements for IT solutions to support personalised care , following engagement with CCGs, local authorities and with people with experience of personalised care. The requirements can be used by IT suppliers to develop solutions that support more personalised approaches to care and can form a basis for a local functional specification.

Details of 18 IT solutions that have been assessed as meeting the core requirements of personalised care, as outlined in the IT requirements publication, are provided in the report, Harnessing technology for personalised care, published in September 2017. This report also sets out six actions for CCGs to take to implement more effective IT systems in local areas.

NHS England has set up a Harnessing Technology forum on the personal health budgets learning network for public sector professionals. It contains further details, including contact details of IT suppliers and regional NHS England Digital Technology leads.

For any queries regarding IT for personalised care, please email