Technology to support personalised health and care

Personalised care represents a new relationship between people, professionals and the health and care system. It shifts power and decision making to give people a voice, to be heard, to be connected to each other and their communities.

To support this more personalised approach we have been working with Clinical Commissioning CCGs to see how technology can help to shift this focus for people and services, and work towards making this approach the norm. We are testing and showcasing how digital programmes can increase patient involvement with their own health, wellbeing and care, with a particular focus on personal health budgets and care and support planning.

We are working closely with the national NHSE digital programme Empower the Person, which has a range of approaches and supports personalised care through a range of digital tools for the public including the NHS App. We are also working closely with our demonstrator sites to encourage the take-up of digital systems to enable efficient scaling up of technical applications. Key to this is to look at ways to stimulate the market for IT solutions that support personalised care and we have recently published the Harnessing technology for personalised care, following engagement with CCGs, local authorities and with people with experience of personalised care. This report specifies which IT solutions fulfill the requirements for CCGs and proposes actions for CCGs and partners to help procure high quality IT solutions to support personalised care in their local area. Within this report we have published a set of requirements for IT solutions to support personalised care and have identified seven IT providers who meet these requirements, whose services CCGs can now access.

There are already a number of examples of where technological applications are helping to deliver personalised care and provide local savings. This includes a county council which launched a Virtual Wallet scheme for personal budget holders and involved 1,000 people, 200 providers and 300 Personal Assistants, and which reaped £1 million cash recovery for the council. Another Council’s current My Community ePurse system for people with social care personal budgets is also another example, which has demonstrated a 7% savings in each of the last four years and supported the development of the local care market with the voluntary sector.

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