Adult critical care

This Transform Clinical Reference Group (CRG) covers adult critical care services in England as defined in the service specification.


This clinical reference group covers all Adult Critical Care, including that provided as part of a specialised pathway, that takes place within critical care units and specialised adult critical care transfer services.


  • Chair: Ramani Moonesinghe, National Clinical Director for Critical and Perioperative Care
  • Stephen Wimbush, clinical member, South-east region
  • Jonathan Walker, clinical member, North-west region
  • Simon Ashworth, clinical member, London region
  • Sarah Marsh, clinical member, North-east and Yorkshire region
  • Ronan O’Leary, clinical member, East of England region
  • Som Sarkar, clinical member, Midlands region
  • Andy Georgiou, clinical member, South-west region
  • Greg Barton, clinical member, Pharmacy representative
  • Alain Vuylsteke, clinical member, ECMO representative
  • Anna Batchelor, clinical lead, adult critical care, GIRFT – affiliate member
  • Anna Vogiatzis, lead commissioner
  • Catherine Croucher, public health lead
  • David McWilliams, Clinical Academic Physiotherapist, allied health professional representative
  • Manjinder Kang, patient and public voice representative
  • Beccie Ions, patient and public voice representative
  • Kujan Paramanantham, operational delivery network representative
  • Claire Horsfield, operational delivery network representative
  • Mark Blunt, operational delivery network representative
  • Mike Carraretto, operational delivery network representative
  • President, Intensive care Society (ICS)– – affiliate member
  • Dean, Faculty of intensive Care medicine (FICM)– – affiliate member
  • Chair, UK Critical Care Nursing Alliance (UKCCNA) – affiliate member
  • Chair, National Outreach Forum (NORF) – affiliate member
  • Chair, British Association of Critical Care Nurses (BACCN) – affiliate member
  • Chair, Critical Care National Network Nurse Leads Forum (CC3N) – affiliate member
  • Chair, National Network Medical Leads Forum – affiliate member

Non-core members of the group may be drawn upon for specialist advice and expertise required to deliver the key objectives of the CRG work programme.


A key part of the CRG’s work is the delivery of the ‘products’ of commissioning. These are the tools used by commissioning teams to contract services on an annual basis.

Service specifications

Service specifications are important in clearly defining the standards of care expected from organisations funded by NHS England to provide specialised care. The specifications have been developed by specialised clinicians, commissioners, expert patients and public health representatives to describe both core and developmental service standards. Core standards are those that all funded providers should be able to demonstrate, with developmental standards being those which may require further changes in practice over time to provide excellence in the field.

The following service specifications fall within the scope of this CRG:


Not routinely commissioned

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Adult Critical Care Planning Programme

The Adult Critical Care Planning Programme supports Adult Critical Care to restore and strengthen services, preparing for the short-term needs, as well as the medium to long term needs of the population. The programme is developing a series of tools and guidance for commissioners, networks and providers to use to plan and deliver services across their footprints.

Toolkits and publications can be found on the FutureNHS Collaboration Platform

Management of surge and escalation

NHS England publishes detailed plans to meet increases in demand for Critical Care Services:

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