Appendix: The matron’s developmental framework and competencies

The roles described in The matron’s handbook should be used as a development framework to assure the senior management team that the matron is fulfilling their role. Ward, department and service leaders should use the handbook to prepare for undertaking the matron’s role. Matrons themselves can use it to prepare for their career development. This handbook is also a reference guide for non-mandatory training and CPD, which can be used as evidence for NMC revalidation and appraisal meetings. This is not an exhaustive list nor a mandatory tool. Additional development activities should be undertaken based on personal and organisational needs.

Assessing the matron’s developmental needs and competency

Matrons should assess themselves against the competencies and actions in the table below and rate themselves based on these levels:

  • LD – needs a lot of development
  • SD – need some development
  • WD – I feel I am well developed
  • NA – not applicable.

After identifying specific developmental needs, the matron should complete the actions based on the 10 key roles to fulfil their developmental needs, including signing off those where competence is already evident.

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