2013/14 NHS Standard Contract

The responsibility for the preparation and publication of the NHS standard contract has passed from the Department of Health to NHS England.

The contract is for use when commissioning healthcare services (other than those commissioned under primary care contracts) and is adaptable for use for a broad range of services and delivery models.

The 2013/14 NHS standard contract reflects the requirements set out in Everyone Counts: Planning for Patients 2013/14. National variation documents will be issued to vary the existing standard contracts that expire after 31 March 2013.

The 2013/14 NHS Standard Contract comprises three parts:

Please note that the particulars, service conditions and general conditions have been updated in a few areas since first published on 4 February 2013. Most of the updates have been to correct minor typographical areas. Three however are worth drawing to your attention:

  • Schedule 4A (Operational Standards) – Ref CB_B17 Mixed Sex Accommodation Breaches: Applicable Service Categories now include Community Services (C). This has been reflected in the 4 March update of the particulars. (Note that the Deeds of Variation published on 1 March are also being updated to reflect this change – updated versions of those will be available w/c 4 March.)
  • Schedule 4G (18 Weeks): the percentages in paragraphs 1.1-1.3 have been corrected, to 37.5%, 12.5% and 50% respectively. This was reflected in the 6 February 2013 update of the particulars.
  • General Condition 14.7 has been revised slightly to remove any doubt as to the application of expert determination as the means of final resolution of disputes.

For the first time, the NHS standard contract has been published as an eContract to make contracting easier. The eContract will generate the up-to-date versions of the particulars and service conditions, but please ensure whether any copies you have already printed (tailored or generic) reflect these updates, and reprint if necessary.

The following document describes the key changes made to the NHS standard contract for 2013/14:

Variations to prior year NHS standard contracts

Contract Support

NHS Standard Contract – guidance on making variations to paper and electronic contracts, June 2013

These documents are designed to support you in the use of the contract. However, where you require clarification and additional support, this can be obtained by contacting us at: nhscb.contractshelp@nhs.net

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