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FAQs and Help


  • How do we create our NHS organisational logo?

    NHS organisations and established formal networks will be provided with their NHS organisational logo in the new standard format by the NHS Identity team. After that, if your organisation ever needs to change its name, you will be responsible for making changes to your NHS organisational logo once your new name is approved.

  • Do we have to use Frutiger and Arial fonts for everything?

    Yes. Typeface is a key element of any organisation’s identity so it is important to apply it consistently.

  • How do we brand services delivered outside our usual geography?

    A number of NHS organisations are now delivering services outside their geographical name. We recognise that using their NHS organisational logo on communications about these services might be confusing for patients.

  • How do we brand NHS services provided by a third party?

    Our research shows that patients and the public expect all NHS services to be clearly branded with the NHS identity, regardless of who the provider is. This is so that it’s clear to people that it is an NHS funded service which meets NHS quality standards.