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How do we brand services delivered outside our usual geography?

A number of NHS organisations are now delivering services outside their geographical name. We recognise that using their NHS organisational logo on communications about these services might be confusing for patients.

If you think that your NHS organisation’s name, and therefore your NHS organisational logo, does not make sense to patients, you can create an NHS service logo for the service.

Visit NHS service branding for guidance.

The name of the service, which appears within the NHS service logo, must follow the NHS naming principles to ensure that it makes sense to patients and helps them identify where the service is being delivered.

Visit NHS naming principles for guidance.

If you use an NHS service logo instead of your NHS organisation logo, you should include a textual statement which explains that your NHS organisation is responsible for delivering the service. This would be positioned outside the NHS logo exclusion area, appearing at the bottom of offline communications and visible on the opening page of online communications.