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FAQs and Help


  • Why are some organisational logos split over a number of lines and some over one?

    Where the organisational name is longer in width than the A4 landscape page they been split, either over two or three lines. Some organisational names have been split even though they do fit onto one line, this is because they look more balanced with a split.

  • Are there guidelines for digital communications?

    Yes, there is specific advice within each of the relevant guidelines about how to apply them to digital communications.

  • How can NHS organisations, campaigns or partnerships differentiate themselves?

    The single NHS Identity was introduced in 1999 to clearly signpost patients to NHS organisations and services. It is the visual representation of the values and purpose of the NHS — a national service, accessible and free to all. Since being introduced, the NHS Identity is now instantly recognised by 98% of the public.

  • Why has the NHS colour palette changed?

    The NHS colour palette has been expanded to give NHS organisations the flexibility to visually differentiate their communications from each other, but not from the NHS.

  • How do we create our NHS organisational logo?

    NHS organisations and established formal networks will be provided with their NHS organisational logo in the new standard format by the NHS Identity team. After that, if your organisation ever needs to change its name, you will be responsible for making changes to your NHS organisational logo once your new name is approved.