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FAQs and Help

How can NHS organisations, campaigns or partnerships differentiate themselves?

The single NHS Identity was introduced in 1999 to clearly signpost patients to NHS organisations and services. It is the visual representation of the values and purpose of the NHS — a national service, accessible and free to all. Since being introduced, the NHS Identity is now instantly recognised by 98% of the public. Our public research also shows a clear preference for an NHS Identity that is easily identifiable and consistently presented – it reassures patients that they can rely on the quality of service being provided. “It’s NHS – you know you can trust it.”

We understand that NHS organisations need to be able to visually differentiate themselves from each other. The identity guidelines provide enough flexibility to enable you to achieve this, without visually differentiating yourself from the NHS.

Graphic devices, straplines, imagery/photographic style and the NHS colour palette can be used to create a distinctive visual style for your NHS organisation, partnership or campaign.

View visual style, graphic devices and straplines for guidance.