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Why are some organisational logos split over a number of lines and some over one?

All logos have been styled to offer the best format both visually and proportionally.

The NHS organisational logo template allows for between 24-25 characters per line for the organisational name. Where the name is longer than this it has been split over two or three lines as required. Some organisational names have been split even though they do just fit onto one line. This is because they look more balanced with a split.

Styling was reviewed prior to publication to be absolutely sure each logo provides the most considered format and therefore the best representation of the brand.

Where an organisation is restricted for vertical space, for example on a thin banner or website header, you can use a single line logo. The downloadable template artwork for organisational logos allows you to create a one line version. However on printed material with more space, such as leaflets and posters, if you have been provided with a stacked version of your logo, this is the one that should be used.