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What are the different logo formats in the NHS organisational logo packs for?

A standard format has been introduced for all NHS organisational logos following extensive patient and public research which found that they expect and want to see the NHS presented in a consistent, coherent and professional way – it reassures them that they can rely on the quality of services being provided.

During January and February 2017, all statutory NHS organisations were given access to a temporary website to download their organisations’ new logo packs.  Each pack includes two folders which contain the following logo formats:

Office use

This folder contains the following logos in JPEG format.

  • JPEG (RGB) in blue
  • JPEG (RGB) in black – for use if you are printing in black and white.

JPEG files are for general office use (e.g. letters, presentations) and can be imported into most computer programmes. JPEGs can also be used on websites.

JPEG files will degrade if enlarged, however reducing them is fine. Therefore, the logos in JPEG format have been supplied at a large size in the logo pack.

If you want to produce JPEG files of the logo at commonly used sizes (e.g. A4, A3) these should be generated from the EPS files that are in the ‘Professional use’ folder. This should be done by a person with knowledge of vector graphics software following the guidelines on sizing for organisational logos.

JPEG files do not support transparency, which is why the logo pack doesn’t contain a JPEG of the logo in white. The EPS format of the logo, in the ‘Professional use’ folder should be used if it is reversed out in white against a solid background of NHS Blue.

Professional use

This folder contains the following logos in EPS format.  These can only be opened and used within professional design software.

  • EPS in blue in CMYK, RGB and PMS – the NHS letters in the NHS logo should always be set to 100% white
  • EPS in white in CMYK, RGB and PMS – the NHS logo should only reversed out of a solid NHS Blue background
  • EPS in black in CMYK, RGB and PMS – the NHS letters in the NHS logo should always be set to 100% white

The logo pack contains right aligned versions of the logo only.  If you require a left aligned version of the logo (for digital applications only), you can download a left aligned logo template in the guidelines for organisational logos.

The EPS files are for the production of high quality artwork and designs within professional design software. They are vector format files, meaning they can be increased in size without loss of definition.

Other file formats

The NHS organisational logo packs contain jpeg and eps files because these are the most widely used formats. However, you can open the EPS file (with applicable software) and resave into other formats if required.