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Guidance and resources are available for embedding each of the five components including courses, workshops, events, free tools, guides, case studies, journal articles and research. These can be accessed via the links below or the ‘about NHS IMPACT’ section in the menu

NHS IMPACT five components

Below are quick links to useful improvement resources including good practice pathways and guidance documents as well as cross-cutting workstreams such as GIRFT, intensive support and the national clinical audit.

Demand Capacity programme

The Demand and Capacity programme supports the NHS to better understand the demand on its services and plan sufficient capacity so that patients do not wait longer than necessary for treatment and provides demand and capacity models, modelling approaches and resource tools to achieve this aim.

Getting it Right First Time (GIRFT)

The programme undertakes clinically-led reviews of specialties, combining wide-ranging data analysis with the input and professional knowledge of senior clinicians to examine how things are currently being done and how they could be improved.

GIRFT is part of an aligned set of programmes within NHS England. The programme has the backing of the Royal Colleges and professional associations.

GIRFT resources include best practice pathways, case studies, and guidance documents for surgical and medical specialties as well as cross-cutting workstreams such as clinical coding and litigation.

Leadership for improvement

Work is underway to co-design and establish a Leadership for Improvement programme, commissioned and supported through NHS England, enrolling all providers and systems (including primary care) to support a whole-system focus on improving healthcare outcomes with our workforce, patients and communities. This work will sit alongside addressing the recommendations of the Messenger Review.


A range of resources are already in place to support Leadership for Improvement, these include:

Leadership networks

Leadership networks can be found through:

Making Data Count

The Making Data Count programme is focussed on supporting people working in the NHS and wider health and social care sector to make the best use of their data.

The programme promotes a range of approaches to support more effective decision at all levels in an organisation and provides a range of free training and support offers as follows:

  • Board development: 90 minute interactive board development sessions are provided which focus on the benefits of using an approach called Statistical Process Control (SPC) rather than the traditional use of RAG rated charts to gain assurance. These sessions are specifically tailored to each organisation and are delivered via MS Teams
  • Modular training: Currently 10 modules are provided throughout the year via MS Teams which focus on different elements of measurement. Each module is 60 minutes in length and available to any member of staff. The training improves the confidence of attendees in using their data to make better decisions.
  • Analyst training: Bespoke training is provided to analyst teams split over two 90 minute sessions. This training provides analysts with additional skills to optimise the use of SPC in their organisations, including how to create SPC charts from scratch to enhance their understanding.
  • Tools and resources: a wide range of free tools are available on a variety of different platforms, to enable SPC charts to be used at all levels – from frontline clinicians to business intelligence teams producing analysis at scale.

Further details are available on the Making Data Count Futures site Making Data Count – FutureNHS Collaboration Platform

National clinical audit

Clinical audit is a way to find out if healthcare is being provided in line with standards and lets care providers and patients know where their service is doing well, and where there could be improvements. The aim is to allow quality improvement to take place where it will be most helpful and will improve outcomes for patients.


A range of resources are available to support clinical audit:

National subject matter experts

Subject Matter Experts provide leadership, advice, input and support across a range of healthcare areas.

NHS IMPACT FutureNHS Workspace

The NHS IMPACT FutureNHS workspace has been launched to enable you to find out more, keep up-to-date and how you can get involved with NHS IMPACT. We welcome new members from across the NHS who are looking for more information or support. Please join this network where you can access regular evidence scans, blogs, updates and a discussion forum.


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Solving Together

#SolvingTogether is an approach to capture, assess and test learning and ideas that can support the priorities for health and care; it is part of a suite of interventions relating to the delivery of improvement and transformation in healthcare led by the Transformation Directorate at NHS England.

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