PHB support and resources for professionals

Support for clinical commissioning groups (CCGs)

NHS England provides an ongoing programme of support for professionals working in clinical commissioning groups (CCGS) who are involved in the delivery of personal health budgets locally.

This national programme of support is aimed at helping CCGs with the further roll-out of personal health budgets, in order to achieve the Government’s Mandate expectations of 50-100,000 personal health budgets by 2020/21, as well as supporting CCGs in line with their responsibilities regarding the legal right to have a personal health budget for people who are eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare and continuing care for children.

The Personal Health Budget Delivery Team’s programme of support draws on the evidence and learning from the successful pilot programme, the implementation so far of personal health budgets in NHS Continuing Healthcare and in other areas, and draws on examples of best practice nationally.

The support includes:

  • Access to regional support, advice and workshops via dedicated Regional Managers
  • Regional network meetings
  • Continuing Healthcare masterclasses
  • Action learning sets
  • Online learning network: A members-only online space for asking questions and sharing learning with other areas.
  • Tools, guides and stories, supporting people to understand and implement personal health budgets.
  • Specialist networks: including in NHS Continuing Care, mental health services, children’s services, and services for adults with learning disabilities.
  • Policy and practice advice: Via the Q&A section of the learning network.
  • Workforce development and culture change: advice on how to develop leadership among professionals and access to experts by experience.
  • Evaluation: Tools to help you to measure progress and demonstrate results.

Support for other groups of health and social care professionals

Personal health budgets essentials

Personal Health Budgets Essentials courses are available across the country, for professionals working in the NHS or social care who are new to personal health budgets.

The courses cover:

  • The policy and mandate requirements around personal health budgets
  • An opportunity to explore some case studies and hear examples of good practice in delivering personal health budgets
  • The need for good support planning in personal health budget delivery
  • The basics of setting budgets and managing money, particularly for those people eligible for Continuing Healthcare (CHC).

To see all available dates please visit the NHS England events page.

Please note these sessions are only available for professionals working in the NHS or local government.

Developing IT solutions to support personal health budgets

In February 2017, NHS England commenced a process on behalf of and with CCGs to ensure that IT solutions supporting personal health budgets and Integrated Personal Commissioning (IPC) are high quality and represent value for money.

For more information and to access a copy of the requirements, visit the IPC pages.

Quick guide about personal health budgets and Integrated Personal Commissioning

We have produced a series of quick guides relating to personal health budgets and Integrated Personal Commissioning which provide relevant information regarding the different health budgets.

Implementing personal health budgets and need more information?

If you work within the NHS or a local authority you can sign up to our learning network to access a range of resources, share learning and discuss issues with colleagues across the country.