Services we offer

Our work

This section outlines the work of NHS England, which has been broken down into several main areas.


This page focuses on commissioning and its important contribution to the health system in England.

Technology, systems and data

This page provides information on individual work areas relating to technology, systems and data

Partnerships and Relationships

This page provides information about our key partners and will be continuously reviewed and updated as we start to build up relationships with stakeholders.

Direct Commissioning

This page provides information on the public health services NHS England commissions directly

Our governing frameworks

This page provides information on a range of frameworks and agreements NHS England and the wider health system are monitored on and held accountable for.

Patient Safety

This page focuses on patient safety and NHS Englands commitment to improve patient safety.


This page highlights the importance of Innovation and its contribution to enabling NHS England to achieve the ambition to deliver better outcomes for patients across all five domains of the NHS Outcomes Framework

Patient Involvement

This page provides information on how patients, carers and the public can give their views and get involved in improving the NHS England healthcare system and the services we provide.

NHS Operational Planning and Contracting Guidance

This page outlines NHS England’s future plans to transform the way we deliver high quality services, within the resources available, to ensure that patients, and their needs, are always put first.

Complaints Procedures

This page outlines the NHS England complaints procedure which is designed to be as patient focused as possible and to allow investigations of complaints to be carried out effectively and efficiently.

Clinical Priorities Advisory Group

This page provides information on CPAG how they advise and make recommendations on NHS England’s approach to commissioning services.

Staying in touch with us

NHS news

This page provides daily NHS news updates.


This is the link to the NHS England’s Twitter page, follow us for our regular tweets around the clock.

Email bulletins

NHS England produces a series of bulletins to help staff to communicate in an accessible and engaging manner.


This page provides an insight in to the opinions and views of our senior members of staff

Contact us

Includes details of how to contact NHS England.