Who we are and what we do

Who we are

Our organisation

These sections outline why the organisation was setup and what it aims to do:

Register of gifts and hospitality

The Authority is required by its Standing Orders to maintain a publicly available Register of Members’ Interests.

The Register contains, as they become available, the Declarations of Interest made by Board members.

Board, committees and minutes

This area of our website provides further information regarding senior meetings, committee meetings and their minutes

The NHS Equality and Diversity Council

This page outlines the works and responsibilities of The Equality and Diversity Council (EDC) provides visible leadership on equality and health inequalities issues across the health and social care.

Useful links

Contact: edc@nhs.net

How we work

Equality and diversity

Promoting equality and equity are at the heart of NHS England’s values – ensuring that the organisation exercises fairness in all that it does and that no community or group is left behind in the improvements that will be made to health outcomes across the country.

NHS England will continue to work internally, and in partnership with colleagues within the Department of Health and the wider NHS, to ensure that advancing equality and diversity is central to how it conducts its business as an organisation:

Equality analysis and equality objectives

Working with other bodies

View information which define the relationship between NHS England and various departments and other agencies.

Job vacancies

This page details all NHS vacancies and relevant application process.

What we cover

This section outlines the work of NHS England.

Contact details

You can find details to contact NHS England here: