Further rollout of personal health budgets

Adults who are eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare and children in receipt of continuing care have had a right to have a personal health budget since October 2014. Since April 2015, clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) have been looking at expanding their local personal health budget offer to others who could benefit.

Government Mandate to NHS England 2016/17

The latest mandate from the Government to NHS England for 2016/17 sets out the clear expectation that by 2020, 50-100,000 people will have a personal health budget or personal budget that combines NHS funding with social care.

Shared Planning Guidance 2016/17-2020/21

The NHS planning guidance, 2016/17 – 2020/21 requires all CCGs to develop Sustainability and Transformation Plans and makes clear that personal health budgets and integrated budgets should be included in these plans as a way of handing more power to patients, in line with the mandate commitments.

The most recent shared planning guidance builds on expectations that were outlined in ‘Forward View into action: Planning for 2015/16’:

“To give patients more direct control, we expect CCGs to lead a major expansion in 2015/16 in the offer and delivery of personal health budgets to people, where evidence indicates they could benefit. As part of this, by April 2016, we expect that personal health budgets or integrated personal budgets across health and social care should be an option for people with learning difficulties, in line with the Sir Stephen Bubb’s review. To improve the lives of children with special educational needs, CCGs will need to continue to work alongside local authorities and schools on the implementation of integrated education, health and care plans, and the offer of personal budgets. CCGs should engage widely and fully with their local communities and patients, including with their local Healthwatch, and include clear goals on expanding personal health budgets within their published local Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy.”

Moving forward with personal health budgets: support for CCGs

All CCGs have been invited to sign up to a development programme, The Developing a Local Offer (DLO) support programme to support them in expanding their offer of personal health budgets in 2016. The programme is supporting CCGs to develop their local offers and delivery plans for introducing personal health budgets beyond NHS Continuing Healthcare and children’s continuing care. The programme is taking place at six venues across the country, with five sessions in each venue. This programme of support ends in October 2016, with tools and resources available to NHS and local government professionals on the personal health budgets learning network.

In addition to the regional events, there is a variety of other support available to CCGs:

  • Tailored regional support from your NHS England personal health budgets regional support manager
  • Regional action learning sets
  • Specific area networks looking at developments in areas such as learning disability and mental health
  • Access to tools, guides, and practical examples
  • Support with sharing case studies, including written stories and blogs
  • Access to webinars
  • Regional and national networking opportunities to share learning and hear about national developments to policy and practice
  • Personal health budgets back to basics one day courses.

Learning Network

If you work in the NHS or for a local authority you can access additional support by applying to join our membership only learning network.

Being a member of the network gives you free access to a number of active discussion forums, monthly news delivered to your inbox, the latest information about personal health budgets, access to a range of opportunities and resources, and an opportunity to learn together with other professionals about how to deliver personal health budgets well.