Better Births two years on event

The ‘Better Births Two Years On: Personal & Safe’ event held in Manchester in March 2018 saw over 400 delegates come together to celebrate the progress we have made in the Maternity Transformation Programme since 2016.

The event saw a wide range of maternity stakeholders from local, regional and national organisations, representing many of those who have a part to play in transforming maternity services.

The day included:

  • Showcasing the changes being made to maternity services now through our Early Adopters, Choice and Personalisation Pioneers; signalling that wider-scale change is starting to happen through the work of Local Maternity Systems; and the successes and progress made by the Maternity Transformation Programme since March 2017.
  • Setting out the expectations and priorities for the programme and for local stakeholders over the next 12 months and beyond.
  • Engaging with stake holders to ensure they are clear on what they need to do to help deliver Better Births’ vision.

A series of workshops ran which covered the important areas of Safety, Investigations, Finance, Continuity of Carer and Workforce. They included examples of how things are working at a local level, showcasing where there are great initiatives and allowing shared learning throughout the event.

Slides from the event can be found here.

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